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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back from Europe, ヨーロッパからただいま!

It was kind of weird to see so many people quickly passing me by at Shinjuku Station. Now I am home from the 6 weeks EU trip.

I surely widen my perspective by this trip. Europe is so different from Japan. I realized why my friends from Europeans have been attracted by Japan, because it's so different, as well as I was attracted by Europe.

I visited 8 countries. Although each country has a different characteristic, I felt relaxed atmosphere in entire EU. Everyone has time to do their hobbies. People enjoy talking and being relaxed at dinner time. People run into neighbors and start friendly conversation on the street.

For myself I felt more free in Europe. They don't hesitate to say their opinions and do what they like. They don't care about other's eyes. They talk freely and enjoy being themselves with their responsibility. That what I felt, and I think it's great.
We Japanese sometimes care too much about reputations. With our education style we couldn't really grown our own unique personality. In Japanese society it is good that everyone does the same thing. One who hasn't done as everybody does would be taken as a bit off.

So I felt everyone relax often and behave free in Europe. All in all, the trip was really fruitful. I got to think of each country’s culture, Japan, and myself. Of course I love Japan because it's my comfortable home and lots of friends are there. But traveling other countries open my eyes, and I love the difference each country has. I really enjoyed the EU trip and would love to come back in near future! :)














Saturday, August 26, 2006

Photos Europe Trip

Monday, July 31, 2006

もうすぐ誕生日☆ What I feel facing to my birthday.


My 22nd year was a real niko-niko(it sounds two-two, and means smiling :) year. Of course I had some troubles sometimes, but overall, I have been very happy this year. It is sure that I've got close to my dream "Making friends all over the world" through this year. I appreciate every people who became friends with me.

Only one day has left for my 22nd year. I will be 23 years old :) Some people are very sensitive to their age, but I don't really care. I am Reiko no matter how old I am. I want to keep my advantage and improve my weakness in the next year. At the same time, I won't forget to thank to people around me. Without them, I am no more Reiko. They are very very important for me. Thank you so much.

--Viel Gluck zum Geburtstag-- Vielen Danke!
-- Feliz Cumpleano-- Muchas gracias!
At least someone says "Happy Birthday!" to me, I can feel very very happy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

一期一会 a once-in-a-lifetime chance

I'm home from the discussion session! :)

I have met a lot of new people including Japanese. Especially I made good Latvian friends, whom I'm thinking to visit this summer, hopefully. They promised me to welcome me. ;) I was kind of surprised that we didn't have any cultural differences at all. I felt really close to them. I guess it depends on their personalities, but I'm glad that we've become really good friends beyond the border. :)

We learned the word "a once-in-a-lifetime chance" from the tea ceremony which we did as our course's hands-on activity. I won't see everybody in the session in the future, but it is true that we had a good time together and won't forget about it.




Monday, July 10, 2006

最近の報告 update

The presentation went well! I practiced many times, and my group members and other people said I did good job. Thank you Matt and Theresia! Owing to your encouragement, I could do well! :)

We hold a social gathering today. I lent a spacious traditional tatami-mat room for today. About 40 people including locals gathered. This might be the last social gathering hosted by me. I'm fully satisfied everyone seemed to enjoy. :)

I will join the "International Youth Exchange discussion session" organized by Japanese government for 5 days from tomorrow. It is very exciting for me because I will be able to open my eyes with meeting and having discussion with youths from 12 counties such as Estonia, Latvia, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria... I have never met people from these countries. We will discuss what traditional culture each country has and how to inherit those for the future. This is kind of my major, and I love to know about other cultures. I'm so excited! :)

プレゼンテーションはまあまあ上手くいきました。声だけは張れてたと思います(笑 やっぱり緊張したけど、いい経験になったと思います。先輩もプレゼンは場数だって言ってたし。とりあえずそのプロジェクトは終了です☆



Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh no... どうしよう…

I am working on a project with my team members at the company I will work for from next year. Our mission is to think an idea for getting good new workers, because the company need more and more people. We have 8 teams, and each team has about 8 members. We are working on it from May(but just once a week), and finally we will have a presentation for the project in July.
I was elected as a presentator out of my team members. It was out of the blue. I didn't expect, and I've never done the presentation for work. Aaah, I will be sooooo upset!!!!
Our team members told me that they had thought I was a suitable person since we had a first meeting in May... I don't know... I guess I have to think that everyone is pumpkin at the presentation and I will try not to be upset!!! :(


Thursday, June 22, 2006

最近一番嬉しかったこと! I'm dying to see you!

What is the happiest thing happen to you these days? The phrase "I've been wanting to see you, Reiko!" from one of my friends who I hadn't seen for a while was the happiest word for me. She is very positive person and seems very independent. At the same time she easily has some ups and downs in her life. When she heavily got depressed, she emailed me saying "I'm dying to see you."
It is really special to have someone who needs me. All I could do was just listening to her story, but it was really good to see her smile at the end of the day. Seeing her off, I felt that I had got some energy from her and I was thankful to her.