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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

さくら待って。Can you keep blooming for a while?

It was really really windy today. I'm afraid that Sakura will be out of bloom soon... sad. They just bloomed last week but they die soon... How can it be so short?


  • At 3:43 AM, Blogger the Beckster said…

    You're so cute!! This is a great blog and I look forward to keeping in touch more! Can you post a picture of the sakura?


  • At 7:39 PM, Anonymous ben said…

    Hi Reiko,
    I like your post summaries in Japanese, it gives me something to practice especially since I learned recently the verbs さく and ちる.
    Cheers, Ben.

  • At 1:38 AM, Blogger reiko said…

    Dearest Bec!

    I saw your blog too! You made me laugh! ;)
    Especially these parts:
    Yum, it's so good, especially when you slurp it while using chopsticks! & I've only watched this season's American Idol once, but one of the contestants was in my dream last night. What is that about?

    I miss you tons! Please see me in your dream tonight!!! :)

    yeah, I intended to write in Japanese for those who practice Japanese. I know you are a good student! Please learn from my blog! がんばろう☆

  • At 1:46 AM, Anonymous A German friend said…

    Dear 妹,
    great blog. The pink immediately remind me of you and the "sayonara snoopy". But keep in mind it was "ittekimasu" and no goodbye!


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