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Friday, April 21, 2006

Getting warmer. 暖かくなってきたね。

I love Spring. I love Summer. My best seasons has come!
It just makes me happy when I see the flower bloom and new elementary children run with smiles. They may make new friends at school.
It just makes me happy when I see the cloud float in Summer. Hearing the cicadas crying, the best moment is when I eat ice cream under the shade!
The beginning of spring just makes me happy. I feel like going shopping for clothes in pastel colors!

何となくだけど、私をいつも幸せにしてくれるのが春。 小学生がランドセルを背負って駆けていくのを見て微笑んでしまう。



  • At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Matthew Ashcroft said…

    Spring and Summer usually mean rollerblading for me. Not this year though, or maybe... but I still don't have them yet.
    I remember one summer my friend Tom and I went rollerblading. We would always go to this coffee shop that sold iced cappucinos after school, because they just always tasted so much better than that crap you get at Starbucks.
    We were rollerblading home with our drinks and were passing by a groups of houses. I looked in one of the windows and saw a little boy staring at me and my drink. I should have been paying attention because I did not notice a pile of rocks in front of me, and anyone who rollerblades knows that rocks are your worst enemy. I hit the rocks and went flying. I smashed into the ground and my drink exploded everywhere on the street. The kid was laughing his ass off in the window, pointing at me... I hate when people point. The thing I was most upset about... I had spilled my drink. I was not upset about the cuts on my arm.
    I got up as Tom too was laughing at me. I told him to shut up and keep going. We came to the entrance of the park, only this was the bad entrance, the one that was old and in need of repair, the path was faalling apart. It would have been fine on a bike, but not for rollerblades. It was a small hill, so instead of walking down slowly, I decided to pick up as much speed as I could and jump down the hill, landing "safely" on the path below. You would think my just previous accident would be making me think to be more careful, but that's just not me, not by a long shot. So I jumped. Of course, I did not make it, I hit the ground and my rollerblades stuck into the ground, I flew forward onto my knees and then onto my face. I was not mad about my bloody torn knees... I was mad about my bloody torn pants... I liked those pants.
    I miss rollerblading, and I miss all the accidents that went along with my rollerblades. Hopefully I will have them soon here in Japan. I have heard that the police here in Japan do not like rollerbladers out on the street, we are somehow more dangerous than all the people running around on their bikes. I wonder what kind of mischief I might be able to cause?
    I am looking forward to the nice weather, I just hope that my cold Canadian blood can handle all of this extreme Japanese heat. But I am here, and like they say "If you can't handle the heat, get out of the oven...", or was it kitchen... I don't remember, both are hot.

  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Mason H said…

    Thats funny, just last night Jesse, tom and I were walking in the park and we passed that exact spot where you crashed. Tom told us that story and we all laughed about it.

    The best part about spring for me is just hanging out with freinds. If its rollerblading, Bar B Qs or just chilling. Today Candice, jesse and I went blading in calgary. it was awsome just to be out and about. This is one of the only things that i will miss when in Japan, But i hope i can enjoy the same with freinds there.

    Oh, Reiko if you think Matt is weird well then you will be freaked out when you get the two of us together. We are like one super comedy thing...? you can call us M2 or Matson or masat or whatever you like. I dont know?

    P.S make Matt call my freind, its important.

  • At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Dorothy said…

    Hey Reiko!

    I'm going to send you a long email tonight... I miss you so much. I'm loving spring in Dallas too... love you friend!!!!

  • At 3:13 AM, Blogger reiko said…

    Dear M&Ms,

    Yes, I will be freaked out when I see you two together... that will be a disaster. ;) Japan is not a place to fight!! I will shout at you two when I see you guys fight...!!!

  • At 3:18 AM, Blogger reiko said…

    Dear Dorone-san,

    Sweet Dorothy! I assume that you are busy! This week is Golden Week here in Japan. I have a five days off in a row :) I can't believe that it's been almost 5 years since you visited Japan...! which means we have been 5 years friend :) I heard about Michelle's engagement! I'm all ears for what's going on in Dallas!!

    Always love, Reiko


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