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Saturday, April 15, 2006

明日がとっても心配だよ。。。I'm nervous about tomorrow!!

Tomorrow, our company has a social gathering. I invited students as well as other foreign students and Japanese people. I wrote an article for the event showed on a magazine, which became our companies advertisement. So there will be other people who saw this article and are interested in the event. I should be proud of it, but I am too awkward to handle it. I'm not used to putting around 30 people together... I'm upset! ;(
明日は交流会です。初めてゲームを企画したし、何人来るか当日にならないと正確に掴めないし、本当に緊張。…30人も来る会を一人でまとめるなんて、結構辛いですよ。泣 ボスは「経験だ!」と言ってるけど……

By the way, one of my friends wrote a good thing of me today. I have another blog written in Japanese, and he wrote about me in the blog. This is what he wrote;
いつも聞き役にまわる自分にとって、 話を聞いてもらえる貴重な存在、だと思います。
とても優しい人です。 良くも悪くも優しすぎます。 人のために自分が傷つくことさえいとわない人です。
She is a very nice person. She is too nice in either good way or bad way. She doesn't mind being hurted even if it's for someone else.

I guess the last sentence is the best compliment that I have ever had. He feels that I am a kind of person who wouldn't mind being hurted for friends. Maybe I am a hypocrite again, but I am happy that he thinks of me in that way.


  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger tcrei said…

    Your friend's right. Just... be careful.

  • At 1:19 AM, Blogger reiko said…

    As i wrote, i don't mind if it would be a bit trouble to concern about my friends... :) because i like them! i think.. u think in that way too. be careful! ;)


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