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Friday, May 05, 2006

Going to Germany!!! ドイツに行きます!!

You know how excited I am?!?! I'm going to visit Germany this summer!! My sweet friends in Germany invited me and made a wonderful tour around Europe with me! I cannot wait...I cannot thank them enough. I'm so happy to have met them through my work. They are so sweet and they love Japan. We talked a lot while they were here and became good friends.  :)
It feels so nice that I have real friends on the other side of the world as well as sweet friends in U.S. I thank all of my friends.
Anyway I'm planning to go to Europe from the middle of August till the end of September. It would be nice weather over there, you know I love summer! I couldn't visit Europe since I'm sensitive to cold... ;) I will travel Amsterdam, Bonn, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, and Paris!!! I've never been to Europe, how wonderful it would be!!

感謝してもしきれません。小さな日本で小さな私と出会って、友達になってくれて、ヨーロッパに招待までしてくれて。ありがとう、本当に楽しみです!! :)


  • At 6:45 AM, Blogger the Beckster said…

    Re-chan...how fun!! I'm so excited that you are going! I know you have wanted to visit Europe for a long time. I wish I could go with you. :(

    Love you lots - lets talk soon! Warm, sunny, Florida hugs to you!

  • At 1:11 AM, Blogger reiko said…

    Sweeeeet beckstar!
    Thank you for the message, that made my day! I know! We need to travel around sometime- ;) I wish J-girls get together soon.. Mayuko is now in Wakayama(her hometown) and Kie is busy working. And the last member Bec is under warm and sunny FL! ;) When will be your next trip to Japan?? I can't wait! :)
    Love you tons! Reiko


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