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Saturday, June 03, 2006

All set!

Thank you for all who were little worried about the problem I had on my last post. It's all set, and what's more, we have built stronger friendship among us! Hooray! I've never been happier! :) It was little hard for me to tell her all the things and my honest feelings, because I was afraid that I would hurt her, but she got to understand my situation and now we became closer friends!! Yeah! ;) Yes, the true friends always listen to each other, and should be honest to each other.

I told all the things happened to me to my best friend in Japan. Between us, we hardly have an argument since we've known each other. We have stayed best friends for 4 years, and she knows what I think and I know what she may think without saying anything. I guess we build a mutral understanding without words. She commented on the trouble I told her... "Wow, it might be rare among Japanese... but that's actually good experience!"

So many countries, so many people, and so many various thoughts. I like it. Now I knew and acquire how to deal with different customs, which would be the new aspect of me! Yes, friends never be apart if they are honest and respect each other. I swear that I will never give up understanding friends!

久しぶりに書きます!前回のことについて、私が思ってたことを話すことによって全てうまくいきました。 私達の友情は更に強まった感があります。相手のことを思って、相手が傷つくのが怖いから、自分の思ったことを言わないのは、逆に相手を信じていないことなのかもしれません。




  • At 2:02 PM, Blogger Mason H said…

    Reiko, that was great, but however i do not feel comfortable or confident enough to express my true thoughts in writing. So i will have to tell you later.

    Okey dokey?

  • At 1:05 AM, Blogger reiko said…

    Okay donkey! :) I'm looking forward to seeing you- funny crazy Mason-kun ;)


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